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Boxing Scotland insurance zone


Marsh Sport are the appointed insurance broker to Boxing Scotland.

As part of your membership to Boxing Scotland you automatically receive the following insurance benefits which are detailed in this webpage.

In addition to the cover you receive as part of your affiliation to Boxing Scotland, this web page also sets out how to report an incident and some frequently asked questions.

Who is covered?

This cover applies only to activities authorised or recognised by Boxing Scotland.

The policy covers:

  • Boxing Scotland Ltd.
  • Affiliated Clubs.
  • Affiliated Members.
  • Affiliated Coaches.
  • Affiliated Referees/Judges.

The Liability insurance you receive as an affiliated constituent of Boxing Scotland protects you if you are held responsible and are negligent for causing injury to a third party or have caused damage to a third party’s property, whilst involved in Boxing and other recognised activities of Boxing Scotland.

Affiliated members/ boxers, referees, judges and coaches also benefit from Personal Accident insurance. This is a ‘no fault’ benefit that provides a specified amount, if you are injured whilst participating in recognised Boxing Scotland activities.


Insurance covers included

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The following limits of indemnity apply to liability cover:

  1. Public Liability - £10,000,000.
  2. Professional Indemnity - £10,000,000.
  3. Employers Liability - £10,000,000 (applicable to Clubs only).
  4. Directors and Officers Liability - £2,000,000 (applicable to Clubs only).

Personal Accident insurance provides a payment if you are involved in an accident while engaged in a Boxing Scotland approved activity. This extends to include while travelling to or from a session. I.e. if you are seriously injured in a car accident, on the way to a boxing class, for example.

Click here to view a table that outlines the key areas of cover provided. This cover is applicable to:

  • Members/ Boxers.
  • Coaches.
  • Referees / Judges / Officials.

For full details of the cover provided, please refer to the policy summary and wording.

Require assistance?

Please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated sports team for insurance guidance or support. Our opening hours are Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm.

Claims and incident reporting

Legal Liability

If you need to report an incident that may give rise to a claim, you must do so without delay. If you need to report an incident or are in any doubt as to whether an incident should be reported to insurers please contact Michaela Britten at Marsh sport on 0113 220 7536 or

Personal Accident

If you have sustained a non-fault injury whilst participating in a Boxing Scotland approved activity and you’d like to make a claim under the Personal Accident section of cover. Please complete the claim form by clicking here and return to

Frequently asked questions

Yes. It is essential that you undertake risk assessments for the activities of your group to support you in your risk management. You and your club owe a duty of care to those around you. If an allegation for negligence is made against a coach/ referee/ club etc., the risk assessments will be needed to evidence what you have reasonably been able to do to prevent an incident occurring.

Boxing Scotland insurance will protect you and/or your club if you are deemed negligent in injuring another person or causing damage to another person's property. Cover applies during official competitions and Boxing related events approved by Boxing Scotland. This includes during official social events authorised and recognised by Boxing Scotland. The insurance also covers Professional Indemnity for coaches & referees in their professional capacity. Clubs are also protected for Employers Liability and Directors and Officers liability.

Personal Accident cover provides a set financial payment in the event of an accidental injury, such as death, permanent disability, physiotherapy, dental expenses, etc. Please note, this is not an income replacement/ protection policy, but a Personal Accident policy that will provide a set pay out, in the event of an accident.

There are no lower age limits on the Personal Accident policy. However there is an upper age limit of 80 years old. There are no age limits applicable to the liability insurance and cover is provided on the basis you are operating within the guidelines set by Boxing Scotland.

The geographical limits on the policy is where you can participate in Boxing Scotland activities which is covered anywhere in the world. In layman terms, this means that you can train, participate and compete in recognised and approved Boxing Scotland activity, worldwide. The territorial/ jurisdictional limits on the policy is where an allegation can be made against you/ your club. In layman terms, this means the country in which a solicitor can be appointed, to try and sue you, if a third party feels you are deemed negligent for their injury or property damage. The territorial/ jurisdictional limit on the policy is within the United Kingdom.

An injured party has 3 years to make a claim for their injuries, for a minor this is 3 years after their 18th Birthday. This however can be reviewed by the courts dependent on the circumstances. Therefore it is imperative that you notify any circumstance which may give rise to a claim as soon as you are aware of it.

Yes. Even if your club is run by volunteers they may still be deemed as employees even if they are not receiving financial remuneration. This cover is automatically included via your affiliation to Boxing Scotland.

All registered coaches and officials are fully insured for all aspects of their duties that are approved and recognised by Boxing Scotland. If, as a coach or referee you act in a commercial capacity you will require additional cover with can be obtained from Marsh Sport separately. A 'commercial capacity' may include activities not recognised by Boxing Scotland or you run a profit making business with additional activities in addition to just boxing, for example.

No. The cover provided via affiliation is for Liability and Personal Accident only. If you require cover for your property/ equipment, please contact Marsh Sport for a separate quotation.

The insurance programme is place by Marsh Sport who are the insurance broker to Boxing Scotland. The liability cover is provided by Sportscover Europe Ltd and the Personal Accident cover is provided by Aviva.