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UK Dance Council (UKDC) insurance zone


Marsh Sport are the appointed insurance broker to the United Kingdom Dance Council (UKDC). This web page sets out details of the insurance that is available to you as a member of the UKDC, how to report an incident and some frequently asked questions.

Marsh Sport & and the UKDC have been working together to improve the cover members of the UKDC receive.

What insurance is available?

  • Public Liability - £10,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity - £10,000,000

  • Public Liability - £10,000,000
  • Professional Indemnity - £10,000,000
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Personal Equipment insurance up to £2,500

Insurance details

slected option
Public/Products Liability £10,000,000

This cover is provided to both Silver & Gold members of the UKDC.

Public liability insurance provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party property.

Products liability insurance provides protection against legal liability to pay compensation including legal costs for death or bodily injury, or damage to third party property arising from products supplied.

Professional Indemnity - £10,000,000

This cover is provided to both Silver & Gold members of the UKDC.

Cover to protect a UKDC member for claims made against them which allege that a third party has suffered an injury or financial loss caused by negligent acts, errors or omissions during coaching activities

Personal accident insurance

This cover is provided to Gold members of the UKDC only.

Personal Accident insurance provides a payment if you are involved in an accident while involved in UKDC activity. This extends to include while travelling to or from a dance class. I.e. if you are seriously injured in a car accident, on the way to a UKDC dance class.

Marsh Sport & the UKDC have worked closely together to improve the benefits available to UKDC members. Below is a table outlining the key areas of cover. Click here to see a comparison showing the key improvements made.

  • Death £25,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement £25,000
  • Loss of One of More Limbs £25,000
  • Loss of Sight in One or Both Eyes £25,000
  • Loss of Hearing in Both Ears £25,000
  • Loss of Hearing in One Ear £6,250
  • Loss of Speech £25,000
  • Temporary Total Disablement £100 per week up to 52 weeks
  • Temporary Partial Disablement £50 per week up to 52 weeks
  • Medical Expenses Up to £30,000
  • Funeral Expenses Up to £10,000
  • Rehabilitation Costs Up to £15,000
  • Broken Bones - Arm - £250 / Leg - £500 / Skull - £500
  • Dental Expenses Up to £750
  • Physiotherapy Up to £500
  • Hospitalisation £50 per day up to £750
  • Coma Benefit £50 per day up to max 730 day
Equipment insurance - up to 2,500

This cover is provided to Gold members of the UKDC only.

Cover is provided to protect your business equipment if it is accidental lost, damaged or stolen anywhere in the UK, while being used for UKDC activities.

Cover is included for up to £2,500 any one loss.

For full details on the cover provided, please refer to the policy summary and wording

Reporting an incident

It is important that all incidents that may give rise to a claim, however minor, are reported to Marsh | Bluefin Sport as soon as possible after the event.

Tel: 0345 872 5060


In NO circumstances should you admit liability or agree to pay for any damage caused as this may prejudice the Insurers position and could result in the withdrawal of any indemnity.

You should report incidents that may potentially form part of policy cover regardless of whether you think you are liable. 

Circumstances include:

  • A fatal accident / injury requiring referral to hospital, either immediately or at a later time / allegations of Libel and Slander / Allegations of professional negligence or faulty advice/ any investigation under child protection / Club disputes involving disciplinary action.

No admission, offer, promise, payment or indemnity shall be made or given by or on behalf of the Insured without the written consent of Insurers.

Frequently asked questions

No. The cover provided via the UKDC does not include travel insurance. If you are travelling overseas please speak to Marsh Sport to arrange separate travel insurance.

The Insurance programme is placed by Marsh Sport who are the UKDC's Insurance Broker. The Liability insurance is provided by Hiscox and the Personal Accident benefits are provided by Aviva.

Public Liability Insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation for claims made against you or your group or its committee members if a third party is injured or their property suffers damage whilst at your premises. Personal Accident cover provides a set financial payment in the event of an accidental injury, such as death, permanent disability, physiotherapy, dental expenses, etc.

There is no upper or lower age limit in respect of the Public Liability Insurance. The Personal Accident policy has an upper age limit of 85 years old.

There is a £250 excess applicable to alleged third party property damage claims and for claims made for loss of damage to your own equipment (applicable to Golf members only).

The policy is designed to cover you as an individual dance teacher (with the use of a trading name) for your Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. This will cover you if a claim is made against your for third party injury or third party property damage. If you operate as a business and employee staff or operate as a limited company, you will not fall into the block insurance facility arranged by the UKDC and may need separate, standalone cover. Please contact Marsh Sport for further information.

Yes. It is essential that you undertake risk assessments for the activities of your group to support you in your risk management. You and your group owe a duty of care to those around you. If an allegation for negligence is made against you or your group the risk assessments will be needed to evidence what you have reasonably been able to do to prevent an incident occurring.