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British Rowing insurance zone


Marsh Sport are the appointed insurance broker to British Rowing.

This web page will set out:

  • Details of the insurance provided by British Rowing.
  • How to report an incident.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Details of any additional insurance, and risk advisory services, you might wish to consider.

About the insurance provided

Who is covered by the insurance?

British Rowing Limited, British Rowing Councils, British Rowing Events Ltd, British Rowing Charitable Foundation Ltd, British Rowing individually registered members (including officials), volunteers whether members or not, coach educators (coach to coach), tutors, assessors, verifiers & coaches who are individually registered members of British Rowing. The Amateur Rowing Association in respect of past incidents.

What is the period of insurance?

The annual policies run from 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024 (both days inclusive).

What are the insured activities?

This cover only applies to activities authorised or recognised by British Rowing.

British rowing affiliated regattas & processional races &/or heads, other regattas compliant with British Rowing Rules of Racing, Safety Guidelines & British Rowing Row Safe Code individually approved By British Rowing, training or competition activities recognised and approved by British Rowing including sliding or fixed seat rowing, indoor dry rowing. 

What  insurance do you get as part of your membership?

As part of your British Rowing membership, you receive the benefit of the Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurances provided by Hiscox Insurance Company Ltd.

  • 1 | Public/Products Liability – £10,000,000 each and every claim or loss, excluding defence costs and criminal proceedings costs, the limit is in the aggregate in respect of Products Liability.
  • 2 |  Professional Indemnity - £5,000,000 each and every claim or loss, excluding defence costs.

Members and coaches also receive the benefit of:

  • 3 | Personal Accident cover provided by Aviva Insurance Ltd, which offers enhanced benefits to what has previously been available.

 Further details about the covers provided can be found below.

The insurance covers explained...

  • Public liability insurance provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party property.
  • Products liability insurance provides protection against legal liability to pay compensation including legal costs for death or bodily injury, or damage to third party property arising from products supplied.

  • Cover to protect a coach/ instructor for claims made against them which allege that a third party has suffered an injury or financial loss caused by negligent acts, errors or omissions during coaching/tuition activities.

Please note the following also receive Directors and Officers and Employers Liability cover:

  • British Rowing Limited
  • British Rowing Regional Councils
  • British Rowing Events Ltd
  • British Rowing Charitable Foundation Ltd

Please refer to the Summary of Liability Cover 2023 – 2024 available in the downloads section.

Personal Accident cover provides a set financial payment in the event of an accidental injury, such as death, permanent disability, physiotherapy, dental expenses, etc. 

The main benefits provided are as follows: 

  • Death up to £10,000
  • Permanent Total Disablement* up to £50,000
  • Medical expenses up to £10,000
  • Physiotherapy up to £500
  • Dental expenses & Optical up to £1,000
  • Hospitalisation Up to £50 per day up to £750
  • Primary dislocation up to £250

*The basis of cover for permanent total disablement is any and every occupation

Broken bones covered:

  • Arm (Humerus, Radius & Ulna) or Wrist (Carpals) - £250
  • Leg (Femur, Tibia, Fibula), Ankle (Tarsals) or Kneecap (Patella) - £350
  • Skull (excluding jaw and nose), Collar bone (Clavicle), Shoulder Blade (Scapula) - £250

Up to a maximum amount of £1,000 any accident for any one Insured Person.

Other benefits include: coma, childcare expenses, pregnancy, maternity & paternity benefits. Please refer to the Personal Accident Schedule and wording in the downloads section for the full list of benefits.

In addition to the standard Personal Accident cover all members and coaches also receive access to IPRS Health. This is an award-winning rehabilitation and wellbeing organisation specialising in physiotherapy and mental health interventions such as:

  • Assessment and treatment
  • Training and workshops
  • Consultancy
  • Digital health solutions

All members and coaches receive up to £1,000 of cover per person, further details can be found here.

Useful Downloads

Incident notification process

Report an incident

It is important that all incidents that may give rise to a claim, however minor, are reported to Marsh  Sport as soon as possible after the event. Please contact: 

Michaela Britten, Senior Analyst - Claims Advisory, Marsh Sport.

Direct: 0113 220 7536 | Mobile: 07392 122380 


Frequently Asked Questions

Public Liability Insurance covers the cost of legal action and compensation for claims made against you where a third party alleges you are responsible for their injuries or damage to their property

Personal Accident cover provides a set financial payment in the event of an accidental injury, such as death, permanent disability, physiotherapy, dental expenses, etc. 

Although the Liability cover is worldwide, the British Rowing policy does not negate the need for Travel Insurance, sports Travel Insurance can be purchased from Marsh Sport. View here.

Yes, the Liability policy will defend claims made against you for negligence. Please note any claims relating to deliberate or criminal acts are excluded.

Not under this Liability policy.
You can arrange to insure your club boats and equipment by calling Marsh Sport on 0345 872 5060.
For your own individual equipment please call Marsh Commercial on 020 4579 2080 (Option: New Business) to discuss your requirements.

If your query relates to the insurance policy please contact Marsh Sport on 0345 872 5060.  If you have a membership query, including those related to approved activities, please contact British Rowing on

If the individual's are not qualified then the Coach Insurance via BR direct membership won't be available and you would need to speak to your club insurers to see if their cover would include non-qualified / incidental coaching.  British Rowing do have a coaching pathway,, your club / unqualified coaches may wish to consider this.

No BR do not provide any cover via their insurances for recreational/leisure activity.

Yes cover is provided for competing and training on a worldwide basis. However in respect of the USA & Canada BR only allow cover for 1 weeks training prior to an event in these territories. 

You are only eligible to become a BR member if you spend more than 183 days residing in the UK annually. The Liability Insurers who provide the Public Liability cover can only indemnify UK residents.

Require further assistance?

Get in touch

Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist sports insurance team and we will be happy to help. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (we are closed on bank holidays).