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Pentathlon GB


Marsh Sport are the appointed insurance broker to Pentathlon GB. This web page sets out details of the insurances available via your membership and some frequently asked questions.

Who is covered?

The Modern Pentathlon Association of GB Ltd t/as Pentathlon GB, affiliated clubs and schools of Modern Pentathlon Association, affiliated members of Modern Pentathlon Association, Modern Pentathlon Association approved coaches, Home Country Federations, Modern Pentathlon Association regional associations and their committee members, Scottish Modern Pentathlon Ltd, volunteers for Modern Pentathlon Association.

Recognised Activities:

National Governing Body for the sport of Modern Pentathlon in Great Britain incorporating running, swimming, fencing and (laser) shooting, equestrian, assault/obstacle course and combinations thereof. Cover extends to training sessions and camps, events, competitions, social & fundraising activities and administrative activities. 

  • The Hiscox Policy noted below covers running, swimming, fencing, laser shooting and assault/obstacle course.
  • The Liberty Policy covers equestrian activity.
What insurance do you get as part of your membership?

The policy limits (dependent upon your membership category) are as follows:

Hiscox (Running, swimming, fencing, laser shooting, assault/obstacle course.)

  • Public and Products Liability - cover for your legal liability of up to £10,000,000 (£250 excess in respect of Third Party Property Damage claims)
  • Professional Indemnity - cover for the club's or coaches’ legal liability of up to £10,000,000 (Nil excess).
  • Directors and Officers Liability – cover for club committee members of up to £5,000,000 (Nil excess).
  • Employers Liability – cover for clubs in respect of claims for injuries made by employees or volunteers, up to £10,000,000 (Nil excess).
  • Abuse cover - up to £2,500,000 (Nil excess).

The Hiscox policies run from 31st March 2024 – 30th March 2025 (both days inclusive)

Liberty Mutual (Equestrian)

  • Public and Products Liability - cover for your legal liability of up to £10,000,000* (£500 excess in respect of Third Party Property Damage claims).
  • Employers Liability – cover for clubs in respect of claims for injuries made by employees or volunteers, up to £10,000,000 (Nil excess).

*Please note this includes an Excess Layer policy with Royal & Sun Alliance.

The Liberty Mutual policy (including Excess Layer) runs from 31st March 2024 – 30th September 2024


More about the cover provided

Public liability insurance provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party property.

Products liability insurance provides protection against legal liability to pay compensation including legal costs for death or bodily injury, or damage to third party property arising from products supplied.

Cover to protect a coach/ instructor for claims made against them which allege that a third party has suffered an injury or financial loss caused by negligent acts, errors or omissions during coaching activities. 

Protection against legal liability in respect of claims made for injuries to any volunteer or employee of the member club.

Protection for committee members and club officers against claims arising from their decisions or actions whilst managing the organisation.

To Whom It May Concern Letter

To Whom It May Concern Letter
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Frequently asked questions

Liability cover is provided for trips abroad that are recognised by Pentathlon GB.

However, the insurance provided by PGB does not include Travel Insurance, which can be obtained from Marsh Sport.


Yes, Clubs/schools are provided with Employers Liability insurance, with a Limit of Indemnity of £10,000,000  

If the club/school is unincorporated, the officer (and its members) could be liable for any and all financial losses incurred by the club/school. The Directors and Officers insurance provided by Pentathlon GB is in place to support you and your club/school for claims in respect of allegations which may come against the officer whilst undertaking their role.


If the club/school is incorporated the directors may still find themselves personally liable and therefore Directors & Officers Insurance is essential.


Please note this is a different type of cover to Professional Liability, which is a form of liability insurance which helps protect professional advice given by your club/school this is also known as errors and omissions cover.


Please note the Directors & Officers cover only extend to those clubs that are involved in running, swimming, fencing, laser shooting. The equestrian clubs/schools do not receive this element of the insurance.

If there are verbal or written allegations made against your club, you should record the information and notify Marsh Sport of the incident at your earliest opportunity. 


Please contact Michaela Britten:

Direct: 0113 220 7536 | Mobile: 07392 122380 

Email: michaela.britten@marsh.com


In NO circumstances should you admit liability or agree to pay for any damage caused as this may prejudice the position of Insurers and COULD result in the withdrawal of any indemnity.

Please note this is a Liability policy where Insurers decide if negligence attaches to you, meaning any payment you make to any third parties will not necessarily be reimbursed.

You receive Public Liability up to £10,000,000 and Professional Indemnity (coaching and tuition cover) up to £10,000,000.

We recommend that a designated person within your club is made responsible to record any reportable accident/incident. Records must be kept for at least 6 years, and longer where it involves a person under the age of 18 years. Names and addresses of any possible witnesses should also be recorded. Please ensure your club has an accident book to record all such information.


In respect of Safeguarding allegations records should be kept indefinitely.


Employers’ Liability protects the employer in the event of an injury to an employee, for which the employer is liable.

Employers’ Liability could apply to clubs/schools who employ coaches or volunteers to work on their behalf.

Public Liability protects a club/member/volunteer if another member, or a member of the public, sues them for injury or damage caused.


Yes, four taster sessions are permitted, on the fifth session the participant needs to become a member of the club to ensure they are covered under the insurance policies.


Not under this Liability policy, you can arrange to insure your property or your clubs equipment by calling Marsh Sport on 0345 872 5060

Yes, the Liability policy will defend claims made against you for negligence. Please note any claims relating to deliberate or criminal acts are excluded.

All members are covered when using a pre-existing facility to train on, such as Ninja Warrior, on the understanding that the facility also have their own insurance cover. This includes a Pentathlon Club attending as a training session and a upto date Pentathlon Coach offering support at the venue. 

When a temporary Obstacle Course Racing course is built using PE equipment or similar at a registered club, then the session is covered when the following conditions have been met: 

  • It is led by a qualified Pentathlon Coach or PE teacher 
  • A risk assessment has been conducted 
  • Protective matting is used as much as possible
  • The participants are members of Pentathlon 

Incident reporting

It is important that all incidents that may give rise to a claim, however minor, are reported to Marsh Sport as soon as possible after the event. Please contact:

Michaela Britten, Senior Analyst - Claims Advisory, Marsh Sport

Direct: 0113 220 7536 | Mobile: 07392 122380 

Email: michaela.britten@marsh.com