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The FAW insurance zone


We are the appointed insurance broker to the Football Association of Wales (FAW). On this dedicated webpage you can find out more about the insurance cover provided, what to do in the event of a claim and find out who to contact for further support.

What insurance is provided?

The FAW provides two policies. Liability insurance and Personal Accident insurance (for registered Comet members only). Explore more using the tabs below.
slected option

We have worked in conjunction with the FAW to create this liability insurance product for clubs, area associations, leagues, and match officials.

  • The FAW arranges cover as a centrally purchased policy to ensure all stakeholders have some protection (this excludes Welsh Premier Clubs).
  • It is therefore important that you read the summary of cover (download available below) to ensure you are aware of what the main policy benefits and exclusions are.
  • If you are unsure if cover is adequate for your needs please contact us.

The FAW Liability Package is a bespoke package for member clubs registered at Tier 2 and below:

  • Female Tier 1: Genero Adran Premier 
  • Female Tier 2: Genero Adran North and South 
  • Male Tier 2: Cymru North and South 
  • Male Tier 3: Adran, Northeast, Northwest and Southeast, Southwest 
  • Female Tier 3 and Male Tier 4 and below (grassroots) 

Cover extends for:

  • Clubs registered to Leagues within the Male Adult football pyramid as determined by the FAW 
  • Clubs registered to Leagues within the Female Adult football pyramid as determined by the FAW 
  • FAW Development League (North and South) 
  • FAW Reserve Leagues (Central, Northeast, Northwest, South Central, Southeast, Southwest 
  • FAW Youth Leagues (North and South) 
  • Adran U19s Female League, (North and South) 
  • Youth Clubs registered to the following leagues:
  • Cymru Development North and South 
  • FAW Youth Southeast, Southwest 
  • Gwent, Flintshire, South Wales, West Wales 

Cover extends for the following Area Associations: 

  • CWFA – Central Wales FA 
  • GCFA – Gwent County FA 
  • NEWFA – North East Wales FA 
  • NWCFA – North Wales Coast FA 
  • SWFA – South Wales FA 
  • WWFA – West Wales FA

Reserve Leagues

  • Christian Church League 
  • NEWFA – North East Wales Reserve League 
  • NWCFA – North Wales Coast Reserve League 
  • WWFA – Swansea Senior Reserve League 
  • WWFA – Carmathenshire Reserve League 
  • WWFA - Standalone League

Junior Leagues

  • FAW Academy Leagues 


  • Aberystwth 
  • Mid and North Powys 
  • South Ceredigion 
  • South Powys 


  • Gwent County Girls 
  • Islwyn 
  • Monmouthshire 
  • Newport and District 
  • Torfaen 


  • Flintshire 
  • North East Wales Girls 
  • Wrexham and District 


  • Anglesey 
  • Colwyn and Aberconwy 
  • Gwyrfai 
  • Llyn and Eifionydd 
  • North Wales Girls 
  • Rhyl and District 


  • Aberdare Minis 
  • Bridgend and Port Talbot 
  • Cardiff and District 
  • Cynon Rhondda Merthyr 
  • Merthyr Minis 
  • Rhondda Minis 
  • South Wales Girls 
  • TERV 
  • Vale of Glamorgan

New For 2023/24 

Following the growth of football within Wales, the FAW policy has been extended for the following activities: 

Disability Football 

  • Four league divisions (Northeast/Northwest/Southeast/Southwest) 

Sunday League 

  • Four league organisations (Cardiff/Bridgend/Newport/Rhyl & District) 

Vets Football 

  • Two league organisations (North and South), 

Walking Football 

  • Two league organisations (North and South)

The liability insurance scheme is designed to indemnify:

  • Adult football 
  • Disability football 
  • FAW sanctioned cross-border friendlies or tournaments which take place in England 
  • Futsal 
  • Huddle football* 
  • Soccer Tots 
  • Vets football 
  • Walking football 
  • Youth football 

*Huddle football sessions are covered under the FAW Countycover policy on the basis they are being delivered by clubs and on the proviso they are firstly sanctioned by the FAW. Secondly each participant is made a temporary member of the club. The sessions must adhere to the coaching and safeguarding requirements of the FAW.


  • Referees and match officials, including registered referee associations/societies.
  • Coaches are covered whilst providing sessions for and on behalf of the club. NOTE: Coaches providing independent sessions or sessions under their own trading name are not covered and they are required to have their own insurance in their own right.


Cover is not provided under this scheme for:

  • Welsh Premier League.
  • Welsh Schools.
  • Welsh College Football Association
  • FAW Trust.
  • Welsh National Teams.
  • Coaches providing independent sessions or sessions under their own trading name are not covered and they are required to have their own insurance in their own

Seven elements of cover in one package:

The FAW has a specialist package that has been designed to provide a range of liability covers for Directly Affiliated Leagues and their affiliated members clubs/leagues and match officials.

Seven elements of cover in one package:

  1. Public/product liability - £10,000,000 any one occurrence for public liability and in the aggregate in respect of products liability.
  2. Legal defence costs for 'player to player' - £200,000.
  3. Abuse cover is limited to £1,000,000.
  4. Employers' liability - £10,000,000.
  5. Officers and committee liability - £10,000,000.
  6. Professional indemnity - £10,000,000.
  7. Cyber liability £500,000.

This product is exclusively available via affiliation to the FAW. The summary of cover includes the evidence of insurance cover.

Cover includes property owners’ liability for clubs/leagues that own a clubhouse, changing facility or stands.

Cover automatically extends to include both a club and leagues commercial activities however in respect of the operation of a licenced premises, cover does not extend for operation outside of club activities and/or to the general public (i.e. non-members or guests). 

If the licenced bar is only open when sport is being played, meetings are taking place or for official club events, additional liability insurance is not required. 

For any clubs that operate a licenced bar as a commercial enterprise, i.e. outside of club activities and/or to the general public, please contact Marsh Sport to arrange additional cover.

Yes. In the event of a claim the following applies:

  • Public liability = £250 each and every claim in respect of third party property damage only. This is reduced to £25 in respect of claims for damage to windscreens/windows
  • Employers' liability = No excess
  • Officers and committee liability = £250 each and every claim
  • Professional indemnity = £250 each and every claim
  • Cyber liability = £250 each and every claim

FAW group policy for registered Comet system members

  • The FAW have arranged a group policy to cover to provide personal accident insurance for those registered on the Comet system.
  • The policy is operative from 1 July 2023, or date of registration, whichever is the later, to 31 May 2024, both dates inclusive.
  • Cover is obtained through registration on the FAW Comet System
  • Cover is operative at any ground or premises worldwide (subject to exclusions) where there is an agreed fixture or training and includes travelling directly to and fromsuch activities. Cover is also provided at club social events (subject to exclusions).
  • The FAW will provide registered members with an Evidence of Cover and Policy Wording.
  • Insurance information further details: Please view the summary and evidence of cover.
  • Comet Registration enquiries: Please contact the FAW  

  • Members registered on the FAW Comet system only.
  • Cover is effective from the date the Comet membership is completed up to and including 31 May 2024.

Members include:

  • Adult players – Aged 16 and above (inc Welsh Premier) defined as someone that is 16 or older on 01.10.2023
  • Youth players – Aged 15 or below (inc Soccer Tots) defined as someone that is 6 to 15 on 01.10.2023. NOTE: U6s automatically insured with no requirement to register on Comet.
  • Referees, Coaches, Managers, Trainers.Defined as someone that is 75 or younger on 01.10.2023.
  • Employees and Officials of the FAW, Area Associations, Leagues and Clubs.

Age limitations:

  • Players, Referees, Coaches, Managers and Trainers - Up to 55 years on 01.10.2023. Persons aged 55 years until attainment of 75 years on 01.10.2023 are insured on reduced benefits.
  • Employees and Officials of the FAW, Area Associations, Leagues and Clubs up to 75 years of age on 01.10.2023. Persons aged over 75 years are insured on reduced benefits.

  • Welsh Premier teams - insured for personal accident, only exception is the Temporary Total Disablement benefit will not apply for players where their sole employment is football.
  • Adult 11 Aside teams – “Saturday League Football”.
  • Disability/Power Chair Football.
  • Sunday League Football.
  • Vets Teams.
  • Youth Football.
  • Futsal. If a player wants to play both traditional 11 aside and futsal they are required to separately register for each category on the Comet system.
  • Teams playing in the English Non-League Pyramid.
  • Women's and Girls Football.
  • U19s Development League.
  • Youth trial or training - no cover for temporary members (adult or youths) unless registered on Comet.
  • Dual Membership – only sanctioned competitions.
  • U6s including Soccer Tots are automatically insured (with no requirement to register on Comet). The club would be required to maintain a register of the players including their name, DOB, contact details and a record of the sessions they have attended.

Personal accident 'Top Ups' are available for the categories above that are registered on the Comet system.

In addition to the insurance cover automatically provided to those registered on the Comet system, affiliated adult and youth teams have the ability to select increased benefits. These benefits are provided on a per team basis. Please view our brochure and application to find out more.

  • Small Sided.
  • Rep Teams.
  • Welsh Schools Football.
  • Huddle Participation.
  • Youth Trial or training – no cover for temporary members (Adult or youths) unless registered on Comet.
  • Welsh College teams.
  • Teams playing in English Non-League Pyramid
  • Welsh University Teams

Personal accident insurance can be purchased separately for the categories above that are not registered on the Comet system.

If you would like to obtain a personal accident quotation for your team(s) and/or purchase cover, this is available online via Marsh Sport.

Reporting an incident

Support when you need it most.

For us, the two most important factors to consider when dealing with claims are to respond quickly and, more importantly, effectively – ensuring you receive consistently excellent levels of service and that your interests are protected to the highest standards.

If you are required to report an incident or make a claim, we have set out links to useful procedures and advice.

It is imperative that you do not admit liability or enter into any dialogue or written correspondence with the third party or their legal representatives. We have set out some guidance notes and procedures to assist you in the event of a liability incident.

Guidance and advice

In respect of the handling of liability claims, please note all incidents that could give rise to a claim must be immediately reported and any writ or summons you receive must be forwarded to Marsh Sport immediately.

  • Failure to report a claim or a potential claim immediately could result in this policy not covering the incident.
  • The insurer ‘AXA XL’ will initially have 40 days from the date you are notified of the incident, to respond to all allegations made against your club or league.
  • Please note failure to report a claim or a potential claim immediately could result in this policy not covering the incident.
  • It is imperative that you do not admit liability or enter into any dialogue or written correspondence with the third party or their legal representatives.
How to report an incident

Please follow these simple steps to making a claim:

Your policy number should start with SL.

In the event that a claim is made against you by a third party or an employee please contact Marsh Sport without delay:

By telephone: 0345 872 5060 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)
By email: marshsport@marsh.com

Once the incident has been reported to us we will issue you with a unique claims reference number to be quoted on all future communications.

Any supporting documentation should be sent to us at:

Marsh Sport
13th Floor
Lower Castle Street

Useful notes

Claims that fall under this policy are usually notified to you either verbally or in writing by a third party or in writing from the legal representatives of a third party. In such circumstances, you should contact Marsh Sport immediately.

So that we can deal with your claim as quickly as possible, please ensure that:

  • You have enclosed all information and documentation, including any correspondence received from the third party or their legal representatives.

Guidance and advice

If you have registered via the FAW Comet system and suffer an injury during the policy operative time, please follow these simple steps to make a claim:

How to report a claim
  1. Step 1: Download and complete a FAW Personal Accident Claim Form
  2. Step 2: Return the fully completed form:

By post to: Football Claims Team, Woodgate & Clark Ltd, 42 Kings Hill Avenue, Kings Hill, West Malling ME19 4AJ


By email to: footballpaclaims@woodgate-clark.co.uk

The claims handlers (Woodgate & Clark) will contact you with your unique claims reference number within 14 working days of receiving your completed claim form. If an email address is provided, they will use this method to communicate with you whilst dealing with your claim.

Useful checklist

To ensure that your claim can be dealt with efficiently, please ensure that:

  • You have provided your Comet Number;
  • You have answered every question before your doctor completes his statement;
  • You have enclosed all requested information /documentation;
  • You have signed the claim form;
  • The club secretary or a club official has signed the claim form;
  • Your attending doctor fully completes the statement.

To ensure benefits are paid promptly, there is the option on the claim form to elect for payment to be made by BACS, so please ensure this section of the claim form is completed, if this is the preferred payment method.

Finally, we strongly recommend that a copy of all paperwork and correspondence sent to Woodgate & Clark is retained.

FAQs and risk management guidance

slected option

Coaches are covered whilst working solely for the club or area association but not independently.

Yes. There are no age restrictions to the liability policies. However it is important to note due to the nature of responsibility associated with children under the age of 6 it is expected the parents of the children to remain in attendance. A full health and safety check should be completed and recorded by the club and a signed declaration for each child confirming the parents/guardian are happy to accept responsibility for their child during these sessions should be retained. It is also expected any coaches to be fully qualified and checked.

Bonfires and fireworks displays are covered but subject to agreed events plan criteria. Firework/Bonfire Warranty:

  • All fireworks are discharged by designated adults only.
  • All fireworks are stored in fire resistant containers.
  • All spectators are kept at least 15 metres from the bonfire and firework discharge points.
  • No accelerants are used on the bonfire.

You must fully comply with HSE guidance which can be found at http://www.hse.gov.uk/explosives/fireworks/using.htm

This is a liability policy only so is designed to provide protection for claims made against you if you are found to be at fault or negligent in some way. For players to be protected for injury, regardless of blame, clubs should consider buying personal accident insurance.

The policy is designed to cover slips, trips and falls due to your negligence, but not if your club building is a licensed premises.

Provides cover for claims made directly against individuals at the club e.g. officer, committee member, director and/or trustee for alleged wrongful acts. 

Why should I have it? 

Officers and committee liability claims example: During a committee meeting club member A read out a statement relating to club member B. Club member B took offence to this statement and later pursued legal action against club member A for alleged defamation of character.

Provides cover in respect of claims made against the club for injuries caused to an employee of the club arising out of and in the course of such employment. 

Why should I have it? 

Employers liability claims example: Aclub asked a 'volunteer' if he would put the nets up on a regular basisin return for a small monetary reward. The club supplied a wooden stepladder to help fulfill the task. The stepladder collapsed whilst the volunteer was using it and resulted in sustaining an injury. Itwas proven that the step ladder was rotten and unsuitable for the task at hand. The club were held liable under Employers Liability because ofthe master-servant relationship.

Provides protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and damage to third party property. 

Why should I have it?

Public and products liability claims examples:

  1. A player slid off the pitch into a concrete post. It was alleged that the post was erected too close to the playing surface and injury could have been avoided if the club had taken prior action. The club were held liable for the injury to the player.
  2. During a football competition the club provided their own barbeque and supplied burgers and snacks. Following the event the club received news of several cases of food poisoning from various people that had attended the event. The club were held responsible.
  3. Ball hit over cross bar and lands in undergrowth behind the goal. Player went to retrieve the ball and got caught on hidden barbed wire fencing causing serious injury. Club were held liable for failing to ensure a safe environment to play in.

No. The FAW does not sanction these types of activities. We have received claims in the past following serious injuries in these types of games.

In the first instance this type of claim needs to be referred to your own insurance provider i.e. mobile phone insurance, or household cover. Your own club may have a contents policy which potentially could cover items away from the club. A liability claim will only be successful if the club have acted in a negligent fashion.

Liability cover for claims made against the club for negligent acts, errors or omissions, libel, slander and defamation. Includes cover for coaching activities that may be given in return for a fee. 

Why should I have it? 

Professional indemnity claims example: A club coach decided to bring in a new warm up regime before a game. A few players reported back pains a week later. It was alleged that these injuries were as a result of the new training regime and the advice that the club coach had been giving the players. Claims for injury were pursued against the coach for the instruction and advice he had given. The policy offered protection to the club coach in this particular case.

Provides cover for your liability that can arise from collecting and storing personal data electronically or from operating on the internet. 

Why should I have it? 

Cyber liability claims example: A club official drove to work with their lap top on the back seat. Whilst stopped at a set of lights a thief reached in and stole the laptop which happened to contain information on club members, including names, and address, contact numbers, dates of birth, nationalities, and some bank details. The club had to advise all their members and organisations of the loss of data in addition to having to deal with some adverse publicity.

Kick the Risk

We live in a litigious environment and area associations, leagues, clubs, and match officials can sometimes find themselves legally liable for incidents. The costs of such incidents can have an impact both financially, and emotionally.

A myriad of legal and health and safety legislation requires everyone involved in football to be one step ahead in planning to minimise the risk of an accident occurring. Marsh Sport is committed to guiding you through the processes needed to make all aspects of your organisation safe, whilst helping you to be compliant with relevant legislation.

Please note. 

This website page contains third party content and/or links to third party websites. Links to third party websites are provided as a convenience only. Marsh is not responsible or liable for any third party content or any third party website nor does it imply a recommendation or endorsement of such content, websites or services offered by third parties.

Barbecues are a great addition to any event, but they need to be done with care to avoid food poisoning or accidents around the fire. Common sense and good preparation can help ensure a safe environment. Visit the Food Standards Agency website.

Guy Fawkes Night is a time of excitement for children and adults alike, and a time when many football clubs host organised firework and bonfire displays. However, whilst such events represent an opportunity to engage with the wider community, and to raise funds, they also pose significant health and safety risk. Visit the UK Fire Service website.

Crowd and spectator management can be stressful and time-consuming. A seemingly docile crowd can quickly veer into chaos, sparked by a single incident. You need to make sure your organisation and facilities are prepared to handle it. Because crowds can be so volatile, they require careful management. Visit the HSE website.

Fireworks are an indispensable part of celebrations such as Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve. When your club or organisation puts on a special event with fireworks, take precautions to reduce the risks and keep your employees, volunteers and spectators' injury-free. Visit the HSE website.

Are you prepared in the event of an injury that requires emergency treatment? Ensuring you have provided sufficient training is equally as important as having the correct equipment easily to hand. Visit the NHS website.

Football clubs/grounds can be subject to the risk of flooding. There are things you can prepare in advance, and also useful guidance available to help get your club back to normal as quickly as possible, should the worst happen. Visit the UK Fire Services website.

Consideration to risks, and how accidents might happen, is always a sensible approach for clubs to take. How could you control those risks and identify ways these can be minimised? Examples can include ensuring the playing surface is in good repair, keeping walkways clear, assessing the proximity to the field of play of obstacles such as lamp posts and fences, etc. Visit the HSE website.

Slips or trips are the single most common cause of injury and actions brought as a result can be extremely damaging to football clubs, especially where members of the public are involved. The key to minimising the risks posed by slips, trips and falls is in identifying potential hazards, both inside and outside the clubhouse and taking steps to eliminate or mitigate them. Visit the HSE website.

This guidance, from The FAW, aims to provide advice to players, coaches, parents and match officials, who share the responsibility to ensure that standards are met for wearing spectacles/goggles in football.


The Government have published a report and recommendations around the service disabled spectators should receive when they attend sporting events. Visit the Gov.UK website.

Erecting marquees or other temporary demountable structures is a sensitive operation that requires a steady hand. Forgetting to anchor just one of the points can undermine the integrity of the entire structure and cause it to come tumbling down - injuring people or causing damage to property. Visit the HSE website.

Other insurance products

Marsh Sport is a specialist division of Marsh Ltd a global provider of insurance and risk management solutions to the world of sport. Our approach has helped to make us one of the leading providers to the sports industry. Sporting entities, from grassroots level to the largest professional organisations and governing bodies, turn to us for independent advice, as do many high-profile individuals.

Whether the organisation is large or small the options for the management and understanding of the risks faced can often be complex and varied. So it pays to seek advice from a trusted specialist sport insurance advisor like us.

We have highlighted below some additional products that you might find of particular interest but for full details of the range of solutions we can provide then please visit our website.

Available for teams that are not registered on the FAW Comet system. If you become injured whilst participating in a club/team activity, you can incur significant financial losses as a result. Protect your players, committee members, managers, trainers and assistant referees/officials in the event of a personal injury. 


Every sports club has specific needs, which means that a standard insurance policy may not fit everyone. We can arrange bespoke quotations built around your particular requirements so whether you need cover for your prized trophies or require buildings cover for your clubhouse, we have a policy to suit.


Jetting off for a summer tour or going by coach to take part in a festival or tournament - whichever mode of transport you would be advised to arrange some travel insurance protection. This will provide cover for cancellation, repatriation, luggage, sports equipment etc.


Event cancellation insurance protects your finances if or when the event is affected by reasons beyond your control. This way if the worst happens you will be reimbursed for the financial loss. It can even cover the profits that you would have made should the event have been put on as planned.


Get in touch

Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist sports insurance team and we will be happy to help. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (we are closed on bank holidays).