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Professional football insurance

Football that demands a professional approach

When dealing with clients operating in the professional football arena, we are always conscious of the fact that the media focus is unremitting and that reputational issues are extremely important. For this reason, our approach to liability, risk management and insurance issues, is one that best protects your image and leaves little opportunity for criticism. 

We have strong credentials within professional football. Clients we act for include professional leagues in England and Scotland, in addition to providing insurance solutions to a vast number of their member clubs.

Products and services we can provide:

  • Career ending insurance for professional individuals.
  • Construction risks
  • Cyber liability
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Engineering risks
  • Employers’ liability
  • Event liability/cancellation
  • Failure to broadcast
  • Financial risks
  • Health and safety
  • Motor fleet
  • Legal expenses
  • Personal accident
  • Property – including stadiums and training facilities
  • Public liability
  • Prize indemnity/contract bonus
  • Risk management.

Insurance for professional footballers

Whether you are a long established professional or a promising new  talent at the start of your career, insurance should be a serious consideration to provide future financial protection.

Risk management services

We recognise that no two sports businesses are the same and we produce bespoke risk management and insurance programmes for many clients. Effective risk management can help to reduce exposure to preventable losses and can potentially result in lower insurance premiums.