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Shooting insurance for clubs and syndicates

Shotsure insurance

With many years experience, and in partnership with leading insurers, we have created Shotsure an insurance solution for shooting clubs and syndicates offering an insurance solution with a range of options to suit your particular arrangements.

Shotsure offers shooting clubs and syndicates clubs a range of options to make sure the insurance solution we provide is the right one for you. Clubs and syndicates benefit from public liability insurance with a limit of indemnity of £2m for any one claim, and a range of optional extras, including:

  • Employers’ liability optional cover with a limit of indemnity of GBP10 million for any one claim.
  • Personal accident optional cover for death, loss of use of eye(s) or limb(s) or permanent total disablement by accident during the course of club/syndicate activities with a benefit of £30,000 per member. Also temporary total disablement with a benefit of £300 per member per week for up to 104 weeks following such an accident.
  • All risks optional cover for damage to or theft of guns, traps and other equipment owned by or the responsibility of the club or syndicate (excluding tractors, ATVs and any other motorised vehicles).