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Insurance for leagues and associations

A proven track record

Whether your organisation represents 10 or 100,000 members, you still need a robust insurance and risk management product to withstand the uncertainty and hazards that go hand in hand with running a league or association.

We place tens of millions of pounds of premium into the insurance market each year which enhances our ability to create, innovate and place products and services which offer increased levels of insurance protection.

Our knowledge and expertise in the sports and leisure sector has led to the formulation of new schemes, with specialist policy wordings created for the benefit of those involved in a broad range of sporting activity. We have the ability to provide access to policy wordings specifically drafted for the sports sector that you would not usually find within the standard insurance market.


Membership solutions

We recognise that your members will require additional insurances such as equipment, general contents, and, in some cases, buildings or stadia coverage. We can provide your members with a solution for their insurances at individual, team or club level, with the security that they will be dealing with a specialist sports insurance broker.

The protection we can provide

The following list, although not exhaustive, contains the covers we can provide:

  • Civil liability protection against legal liability for bodily injury to third parties and/or damage to their property including nuisance, trespass or interference.
  • Abuse cover insures coaches, their assistants and any other employees accused of abuse.
  • Member to member liability, covers liability between members of the same sports entity.
  • Employers’ liability cover is mandatory if you have at least one employee; it covers legal liability resulting from employees’ or volunteers’ work-related injury or disease.
  • Directors and officers cover includes protection from claims brought against directors, officers and committee members for wrongful acts, and their accompanying legal cost
  • Professional indemnity covers claims made against your organisation for negligent acts, errors or omissions, libel, slander, defamation or advice given by persons appropriately qualified, such as a coach, physical therapist or instructor.
  • Personal accident cover extends protection to your members and/or officials in the form of fixed monetary benefits, which can include cover for death or injury.
  • Sports travel cover indemnifies your organisation and any person acting in an official capacity on behalf of your organisation while travelling.
  • Property cover protects buildings, fields, training grounds, offices and any other sites that you may own. If you own a stadium, you will also want to look into stadium-specific cover.
  • Contents cover encompasses what is contained on the property, including specialist equipment such as scoring systems or recording and broadcast gear, usually on an ‘all risks’ basis.
  • Cyber risks cover encompasses damages due to a wide variety of cyber risks like loss of information, cyber terrorism and business interruption due to the failure of your computer systems.
  • Legal expenses cover defrays the potential costs of legal action brought against your organisation.
  • Motor cover is mandatory and shields your organisation from the risks that go along with having one or more vehicles

Get in touch

Please do not hesitate to contact our specialist sports insurance team, and we will be happy to help. Our office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm (we are closed on bank holidays).