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Our services

Serving the world of sport...

Most people enjoy playing or watching a range of sports. A huge industry employing thousands of people and generating massive revenues, the world of sport encompasses the most high profile clubs, personalities and events right through to amateurs playing for their local team.

Sharing the thrill of the contest and the passion of involvement is a vast array of spectators, participants and organisations, needing careful consideration when arranging insurance cover. This means, whatever their size and status, sporting teams and organisations tend to have insurance requirements that go beyond the usual covers required by industry and commerce.

Who we act for:

  • Professional and amateur sports clubs.
  • Leagues and associations.
  • Sports governing bodies.
  • Leisure trusts.
  • Individual sporting professionals and agents.

Products and services we can provide:

  • Career ending insurance for professional individuals.
  • Construction risks.
  • Cyber liability.
  • Directors and officers.
  • Engineering risks.
  • Event liability/cancellation.
  • Failure to broadcast.
  • Financial risks.
  • Personal accident.
  • Legal expenses.
  • Legal liabilities (public/products/employers’).
  • Motor fleet.
  • Prize indemnity/contract bonus.
  • Property - including stadiums, clubhouses and training facilities.
  • Risk management/health & safety.
  • Travel.

Individuals and teams

We have a range of products available to provide valuable protection for teams and individuals taking part in various sporting activities. Whether you are looking for liability or personal accident protection or going on tour.

Amateur and semi- professional sport clubs

A standard insurance policy may not suit every sports club. To make sure you are appropriately covered, ourSports Club policy can be built around your particular needs.

National Governing Bodies (NGBs)

Whether 10 or 100,000 members, you still need a robust insurance and risk management product to withstand the uncertainty and hazards that go hand in hand with running an NGB. 

Leisure trusts

The range of sport and recreation facilities offered by Leisure Trusts whether they are single or multi site, wet or dry can be extensive. Add to this the links that most Trusts have with their local authority and you have an insurance risk landscape that requires specialist advice.

Risk management

No two sports businesses are the same and we produce bespoke risk management and insurance programmes for many clients. Effective risk management can help to reduce exposure to preventable losses and can result in lower insurance premiums.

Leagues and associations

Our knowledge and expertise in the sports and leisure sector has led to the formulation of new schemes and specialist policies for a broad range of activities. We can provide bespoke solutions for leagues and associations and their members.

Professional sports clubs and organisations

Media focus on professional sport is unremitting and reputational issues are extremely important. So our approach to liability risk management and insurance is one that best protects your image.